#1 Facefull – simply and conveniently browse Facebook desktop / PC version right on your mobile device.

With Facefull you can simply and conveniently browse Facebook desktop / PC version right on your mobile device.

More and more people access Facebook with their mobile devices but are often left unsatisfied with their experience:

 Some people do not like the limited in functionality of the mobile version of Facebook official app.
 Others are already very familiar with the PC version of Facebook and dislike the idea of learning how to use its mobile version.
 Finally, all the new Facebook features are usually first available in the desktop version and only later in the mobile version.


Features Highlights: 

See events, birthdays, friends online and app requests in a single page
Get friends suggestions
Get friends’ feeds
Delete posts
Download photos into a folder
Share posts to Facebook pages
Access Facebook Ads Manager
Use the new Facebook Graph Search


#1 postUP – Create beautiful Facebook and Twitter status updates

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Users love postUP. It’s fun and simple way to post beautiful status messages on Facebook, Twitter or TEXT messages.

Pick from several gorgeous fonts and colors.
Auto zoom text to give you the best look
Share on Facebook, Twitter, Email, SMS

Transform a simple status update into a work of art. Friends and family will envy you.


#1 Pictures with Words iPhone iPad App

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Pictures with Words

• Add captions, text, images, emoji and emoticons to your photos and pictures.
• Zoom pictures and text just with a simple pinch.
• Rotate your text, captions and images by simply tapping on the text and turning you fingers.
• Take pictures, use existing images from your photo album, download images from Google or Bing
 Pick from a huge collection of fonts, images and emoticons
• Pick any font and background color
• Share via FacebookTwitter, SMSEmail or save on Photo Album


Click here to see some examples!